Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Community Patch V2.0 Now In Development

Patch V2.0 is now in development. To be released before Resident Evil 5 for the PC V2.0 of the ULTIMATE Community Patch will be built from the ground up. With new installer tech and recompiling of the files V2.0 will be the definitive version of the Community Patch.

For this reason I wil not be reuploading the old versions of the patch. Perhaps the old version of the Basic Patch if there is enough demand. That however is only because there will NOT be a BASIC V2.0 patch. Only an ULTIMTAE V2.0 will be made & released.

Distribution of the new patch has yet to be determined. However I can promise that it at least will NOT be through FileFront's website. Alternative file hosting sites, as well as FTP methods are being looked at this time.

If you are intereted in getting involved in the project, simply request participation via our Contact Us form.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded our Patch in the past. We look forward to give you the full RE4 experiance when we release V2.0 FALL 2009. 

Ultimate Community Patch Download Broken!!!

I have become aware that the download links for ALL Community Patch parts are currently down. Unfortunately due to bandwidth limitations this won't be repaired until July 6th 2009 for the bandwidth doesn't reset until the new month and it takes some time to re-upload all of that data.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ultimate Community Patch 2.0 Release Delayed

Due to personal complications I regret to report that the Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Community Patch V2.0's progress has been delayed. Things should get back on track soon. However there have been some substantial setbacks.

I am sorry for the delay, but with some luck things will get back underway here and I should have V2.0 ready for everyone to download soon.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

ChaosLegionaire (A.K.A. Slayer X)

Ultimate Community Patch 2.0 on the way

Hey everyone.

I know it's been a while since the Ultimate Patch released. And to no surprise has been HUGELY popular.

Therefore I am happy to announce that I have begun early development on version 2.0 of the Ultimate Patch.

This will include:
*Cinematic Patch V2.0 (for real this time)
*Cdiddy7 Bloom Mod in combination with the ENBseries mod
+ new textures for some characters and weapons

More updates will be announced as I get them.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Community Patch Released

For those who were waiting for the Ultimate Community Patch, I would first like to say thank you. Now that that's been said, the download links for the Ultimate Community Patch are currently going up. Don't forget to check this site for future patch updates, because there WILL be updates.

Thanks again, and enjoy.

Resident Evil 4 Basic Community Patch Released

The BASIC version of the community patch for lower to mid range PCs has been officially released. Go to our download section for more details and download links.



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