Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How do I install the Community patch? (BASIC or ULTIMATE)

You have to;
1) Select ALL downloaded parts at the same time
2) Then richt click and select "Extract files..."
3)  Hit "OK" and it should unRAR the .exe
4)  Then run the .exe

Q: Why does the Basic Patch crash after installing?

A: That is a random bug with the installer of the Basic Patch. If it does crash for you just use Ctrl+Alt+Del and close the installer. The patch will still be fully installed and will work no problem. This bug will be fixed in a future patch version.

Q: Why does the Ubisoft Logo video have no sound and the game crashes when I go to start a new game?

A: This means that you do not have the required codecs installed. Download and install the following program to solve the problem.

A2: If this does not fix your problem, open FFDShow and apply the following settings.

(Click for Image)

Q: Why does RE4 now perform poorly after installing the patch?

A: Your system probably is just not powerful to handle the increased resolution of the patch. Try going from the Ultimate Patch to the Basic Patch or uninstall all patches and see if this fixes your problem.

If it doesn, try checking other things like your current driver versions and various other performance related possabilities.